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Bluco, short for ‘blue code’, is the name of a software company that is dedicated to fulfilling your computer hardware and software needs!

Companies today should have a spectacular product or service, not to mention a dazzling web site. Bluco is here for just that reason, to provide you with a, one of a kind, dazzling web site. Whether you want a web site with a fixed width or one that changes according to the user, Bluco can help you. With standards compliant code and graphics that are easy on the eyes, your customers and clients will be wowed.

The site, however, does not only have to be easy for the customer to use, it should be easy for the owner to use as well. Bluco offers a content management system and update service that will make keeping your site 'new' a breeze.

Though our name is Bluco Software, software is not the only service we provide. We have experience working with the hardware components of the computer as well. We can do consultation, builds, networking, problem diagnosis, and repair. We can even build and configure basic web servers equipped with Apache, PHP, and MySQL on a Microsoft Windows or Linux machine!

Whatever it is that you are looking for in computers, Bluco can help you find it.

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